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Know the “NO’s” for waxing after care

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

After care for waxing is very important! it is essential that the esthetician waxing their clients also educates their client!

Waxing is a 3 PART service that both esthi And client work as one to achieve the best results.



3. Caring for the skin

BEFORE waxing it is a good idea to exfoliate 24 hrs before your service. Using a loofa or a loofa glove will suffice in this task. Take an IB prophen 20 minutes before your actual service to give you some relief for the possible sourness you may endure depending on your experience of waxing. 1st timers I highly advise. For people who teeter totter between shaving and waxing this is extremely recommended. Hair that has been shaven is deeply rooted and coarse making it tougher to release from follicles when removing.

AFTER waxing your waxo should inform you of all the things necessary to care for your skin as well as what not to do to protect your skin and love the results.

CARING for your skin after The service is the CLIENTS responsibility to follow the necessary guidelines to help achieve a happy and healthy skin and waxing journey.

for at least 24/48 hours you will want to avoid:

Exfoliation sexual inter-coarse



sun exposure

sweat (NO GYM) esp after manzilian and brazilian

RECOMMEND that you use a salt scrub, sugar scrub can actually activate the bacteria that causes acne. Baking soda is another product that is inexpensive and amazing results of a micro exfoliant, keeps skin PH balanced, cleans out pores of sebum and buildup and helps dry out Ingrown hair pustules, and lightens skin from darkening and scarring.

2 ways to use, take a tablespoon of baking soda and add a little water to make a paste and gently scrub the area dry before jumping in the shower. Or you can add the baking soda to your body wash and use it in your daily hygiene routine. Both ways work well and results are appreciated.

You will want to exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week after your 24/48 period is over! Keeping waxed area hydrated, dry skin can also be a contraindication with waxing by lifting not only dead skin but new skin as well.

If you have questions, if you are unsure, ask your esthetician for assistance but this should get you started on your journey!


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